Monday, July 29, 2013

Cover Reveal for Brie Visit Master's Italy by Red Phoenix

The time is almost here for the seventh installment of Brie After Graduation.  This long awaited novella named "Brie Visits Master's Italy" should be release by August 4 on Smashwords, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  I cannot wait to read it; sound really hot and steamy!!!

Brie has many exciting lessons yet to learn. There’s a session on belts, an introduction to Master’s new skill and the unwelcomed challenge of jealousy. Master shares his father’s Italian hometown with his little sub. While exploring the island they discover something that has remained hidden for years, waiting for Master’s return. This is a beautiful journey of passion, healing and sacrifice.

This seventh novella in the After Graduation series is a tantalizing ride as Brie experiences arousing Domination, hurtful rejection, and the strength of ‘condor love’.

Extended Description:

Brie must face her parents, among other things, before traveling to Italy with her Master. There Master introduces her to his father’s charming hometown and large Italian family. All seems well until an old lover enters the picture. It becomes a struggle for Brie as she attempts to balance her natural jealousy with the deep love she has for her Master. Even more surprises are in store for her, including a surprise birthday party that is uniquely Brie-licious.

And the HOT Cover: 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Now or Never Blog Tour and Giveaway

I really did not know what to except when I read Now or Never by A.J. Bennett.  I never read anything that by A.J before (well that is because this is her first novel) and the book sounded like books I have read before.  But even though I doubt myself...I LOVED the book. A 4 out of 5 stars is what I give this book!  It starts out with Grayson leaving her abusive boyfriend.  She thought it would be "now or never" to get out of it.  So she chose now.  She drives back home to stay with her mother.  She meets Derek in a coffee shop and feels a huge attraction to him but she wasn't ready to jump in a relationship right away and is determine to do the "no-strings" attached relationship.  Without giving too much away....another "now or never" choice has to be made.

I like this book so much that I couldn't put the book down...I think I read it in a few hours.  Well worth my time.

Here is the book description if you wanted a more in depth description then what I describe...

"Twenty-one year old Grayson Alexander finally breaks away from an abusive relationship and finds herself free for the first time in three years.

Determined to enjoy her new-found freedom, Grayson is intent on sticking with 'no strings attached' relationships—one-night stands, and steamy sex.

But she didn't plan on Derrick.

Her attraction to the sexy man in uniform quickly turns into an unhealthy relationship. They both try to resist the pull, but neither can stay away.

When tragedy strikes, Grayson realizes it's now or never—walk away or make it work."

You may purchase this wonderful book at Amazon and B&N

Who is A.J Bennett you may ask?

A.J. Bennett lives in Nashville, TN with her husband and bulldog. She's addicted to coffee, popcorn and books. Becoming an author has been a lifelong dream, and she's extremely excited about her debut novel Now or Never.

You may find her on FacebookTwitterWebsite and Goodreads.  Add Now or Never to your Goodreads TBR list.....Goodreads TBR
Guess what...there is a giveaway...Woot woot!!!

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sand, Sun and Seduction Blog Tour: No One Has To Know by Frank Nappi

Have you ever done something forbidden and thought no one will ever find out?  This is what this book is about about....Cameron Baldridge, a fun and popular high school teacher, commits a huge taboo and falls for one his students.  They think they will be able to keep their relationship a secret but someone finds out. He is blackmailed through text messages and he goes into a downward spiral that he cannot get out of.  This books has some many twist and turns that you will not be able to put it down.  This is MUST READ. I read this book in a few hours because I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN.

Where can you get this book, you may ask? can purchase it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Eek...Book Trailer!!!  Check it out!

Author Bio:
Frank Nappi has taught high school English and Creative Writing for over twenty years. His debut novel, Echoes From The Infantry, received national attention, including MWSA's silver medal for outstanding fiction. His follow-up novel, The Legend of Mickey Tussler, garnered rave reviews as well, including a movie adaptation of the touching story "A Mile in His Shoes" starring Dean Cain and Luke Schroder. Frank continues to produce quality work, including Sophomore Campaign, the intriguing sequel to the much heralded original story and the just released thriller, NOBODY HAS TO KNOW, which received an endorsement from #1 New York Times bestselling author Nelson DeMille. Frank is presently at work on a third installment of his Mickey Tussler series and his next thriller. He lives on Long Island with his wife Julia and their two sons, Nicholas and Anthony.

Where can you find him: 

Guess what.....there is a giveaway also.  Enter for your chance to win a $50 Amazon giftcard!  (Just think about how many books you can buy will that!!  Eek!)

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Continental Breakfast and Continental Beginnings by Ella Dominguez

I am completely lost for words about what to say about these fabulous, steamy and sexy novellas. This series starts out with Continental Breakfast (which will be free on Amazon on July 16 otherwise it is at the amazing price of 99 cents), where Bella Darcy who works as the personal assistant to Mr. Xander Pettifor.  And she assist him with all of his needs.   Here is the blurb for Continental Breakfast (the author always does a better job of telling you what the book is about instead of  

Bella Darcy is personal assistant, muse and plaything to wealthy businessman Mr. Pettifor. Their 9-5 relationship is unconventional, but mutually satisfying.
Mr. Pettifor is alpha male personified - demanding, stern, insatiable, emotionally closed-off and seemingly indifferent to anything that doesn't involve six zeros behind it.
Bella had never wanted more until the day she heard passionate cries that didn't belong to her,
coming from his office.
Deeply hurt and realizing that she cannot be with a man who can so blatantly be with another woman while she is mere feet away, Bella turns in her letter of resignation, throwing Mr. Pettifor into a tailspin. Everything he's worked so hard for now seems insignificant and the woman whom he trained to be everything he wanted, has now decided to move on, leaving him reeling.
Continental Breakfast is told from Bella's POV.  You will (at least I did) experience what she feels on her emotional journey.  I really do hope you check out Continental Breakfast.  

In the follow up novella, Continental Beginnings (which is told from Xander's POV) you will see how Bella started out working for Mr. Pettofir and why he ask how he ask.  This novella starts out will Bella's unconvential interview up to her resignation.  I love it when an author writes a book from the other characters POV.  You will understand both sides of the story and understand the actions of all the major players.  This book did not disappoint.  
Here is the blurb for Continental Beginnings,
From the first day Mr. Pettifor laid eyes on Bella Darcy, he knew he couldn't deny himself the indulgence of being with her. Against his better judgement, he hired her, knowing full well he would pay the price with her constant presence. Little did the alpha male know that before him stood a woman who yearned for his touch, his control and his training.
By day, Mr. Pettifor was a hard working businessman and a force to be reckoned with. At night, he was a talented and skilled instructor at a domestic disclipline training center and an austere alpha male whom women bowed at his feet.
At a crossroads in her life, Bella had started a new career path, hoping to one day go to medical school. When she applied as the personal assistant to the inscrutable Mr. Pettifor, she never thought it would lead to anything more than an interview.
This is the story of Mr. Pettifor, a man who took for granted the love and adoration given to him until it was taken away, and how he fell in love with the woman he trained to be everything he ever wanted. This is the tale of the shy and fearful Ms. Darcy and how she flourished under his command, never knowing of his secret life, never asking questions, and yet, somehow finding her true courageous self in the process.
This is the story of how their relationship began.
Continental Beginnings will be released on July 16th (which is Tuesday!!!!).  This book must be on your to be read list.  It is just as steamy and juicy as Continental Breakfast and all of the other books written Ella Dominguez.  (If you haven't, you must checked out her The Art of D/S trilogy.  It is another MUST READ)

Please add both books to your Goodreads list: Continental Breakfast andContinental Beginnings  
You can find Ella Dominguez on Facebook and her Blog

Once you read these novella, let me know what you think!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cover Reveal: Trust Me by Kristin Mayer

Book Description:
After the loss of her parents, Allison Scott spent the past year of her life being emotionally disconnected, and afraid of the loss that comes from loving someone. 

Allison is finally ready to find the person she used to be when she embarks on her getaway vacation to Miami. In Miami, she meets Damien Wales—a man who will stop at nothing to make Allison his—in every way possible. 

Being heavily pursued by Damien, forces Allison to decide whether or not to open herself up again. Her attraction to him is undeniable, and she finds herself being brought back to life by the mere presence of him. But does she truly know enough about Damien to let herself be open for that kind of pain again?

Damien's tragic past has left him a cold and distant person. However, the moment he sees Allison, he's inexplicably drawn to her. She brings out a side in him that he thought was lost forever.

Damien’s dark past starts to collide with the present in a way he never thought possible. He's now forced to do everything he can to keep Allison in his life as she learns about his past.

Will both Damien and Allison be able to put aside their pasts and learn to trust each other?

This book sound super awesome and for sure will be on my TBR list.   You guys want a you go...

About the Author: 
Kristin Mayer is a wife, a proud mother, and a full-time Analyst and Import Manager. Since an early age, she has always enjoyed reading and writing. While visiting her father one weekend, he suggested that she should take up writing again. With family and a career, she didn’t give it a lot of thought, until a story entered her mind and wouldn’t leave. It just kept forming and developing over a couple of months. 
             At the beginning of 2013, she decided to sit down and write it all down, but she kept it to herself. One sentence developed into two, and before she knew it, she had the makings of a novel.
             Kristin tries to live life to the fullest during every moment. She loves to travel and meet new people. She holds a degree in International Business and uses it daily in her job. Kristin now adds “author” on her list of jobs, and feels very blessed and thankful.

Where you can find Kristin Mayer at: 

Please add Trust me to your Goodreads list: 
Add “Trust Me” to your Goodreads TBR list: