Saturday, March 9, 2013

Up In The Air series

So I just finished the Up In The Air series by R.K. Lilley.  They were freaking amazing.  I read all three books in the past two days. They were a little along the line of Fifty Shades of Greyish but way better than FSOG.  To me, there was a lot more story behind it and not a lot of fluff like FSOG. It starts with a flight attendant catching the eye of a handsome billionaire.  The series take you through the ups and downs of their relationship and with them working out the "demons" of their childhood.  Two thumb up, five freaking stars all of the way for this series.  (FYI, I don't do spoilers in my reviews.  I hate when reviews do that so I refuse to do it. I will give you the bases of the storyline though.) So if you into reading erotica I would suggest this series.  Here is the Amazon link to the  books in the series.  Enjoy and happy reading.

Book 1: In Flight
Book 2:  Mile High
Book 3: Grounded
Spin off book: Lana

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