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Blog Tour Stop: This Love's not for Sale by Ella Dominguez

Book Description. 

Arrogant, brutally honest and fond of bondage and discipline, Tucker McGrath demands respect in all aspects of his life. He is used to getting his way in all things and more importantly, getting and having his way with anyone that he wants. Married and divorced twice, the real estate mogul has as given up on love. 

Enter Lilliana, a 30 something divorcee and dental hygienist. After inheriting a large tract of land and house from a close relative, she has relocated to an opulent area in Connecticut hoping to start her life anew, and leave her clingy ex-husband behind. Stubborn, opinionated, and impatient, she has no interest in selling her land to the money hungry vultures that have started sniffing around. She also has no interest in falling in love or being pursued by a certain attractive yet arrogant alpha male interested in her property.

Tucker, however, has other plans. Realizing that Lilliana is sitting on a real estate goldmine, he sets his sight on trying to obtain it at any cost. Even if it means deceiving her and buying his way into her heart. But Lilliana can't be bought and Tucker gets more than he bargained for when she rebuffs his financial and sexual advances at every turn. 

Their chemistry and physical attraction to one another is undeniable and Lilliana has a way of bringing out the best in the usually cold and austere Tucker. Just when things are heating up and Tucker starts to fall for Lilliana, she discovers where his true motivations lie, forcing her to seek sweet revenge the only way she knows how - by giving in to his every fantasy and toying with his emotions.

Exclusive Excerpt....you can only find this one here. ;)
Tucker could hear the gulp of Lilliana’s hard swallow. He had only expected something to eat from his visit, but this little layover was turning out far better than he had anticipated. Good music, a beautiful woman with an ass like an onion cooking for him and doing what he had instructed her to do – how lucky could a man get?
As Lilliana began to peel the fruit just as he had demonstrated, he grabbed her shoulders and sunk his teeth into the soft flesh on the nape of her neck just hard enough to leave a mark without drawing blood. She tasted heavenly, salty and clean. Lilliana let out a high-pitched moan and her hands began quaking.
When she paused, Tucker licked the crook of her ear and said softly, “Continue, Lilly.” He liked the shortened version of her name. It suited her better.
Doing as she was told, Lilliana finished and began on another apple. Pleased with how well his new pet was following his directions, he inched his mouth down her spine and slipped her shorts down to her ankles, exposing her bare ass. It was absolutely fucking flawless - round and firm and nothing less than glorious.
“Tucker,” Lilliana said uneasily as she began to turn around.
Tucker gripped her hips firmly, holding her in place so that she couldn’t resist him or move.
“Hush, Ms. Norris,” he snarled as he bit into her ass cheek. Lilliana squealed and he licked and nibbled her other cheek in response. 
Just as he began to ease a finger into her, Lilliana said more ardently, “Tucker, please.”
Tucker slid her shorts back up and spun her around. Her eyebrows were furrowed but her eyes were languorous.
“There’s no need to beg,” he teased as he leaned in to kiss her.
He wanted to taste her lips so badly his cock throbbed with an intensity he hadn’t felt in ages.  Just as his lips touched hers, her hand came up between them and she pushed against his chest firmly, forcing them apart.
“Please, stop,” she uttered breathlessly.
It had been so long since a woman had said no to him, Tucker was mildly dazed. He stepped back and scanned her body. It was obvious by her rapid breathing, her thighs clench together and the fuck-me eyes she was throwing his way that she wanted him, so what was the problem?
As Tucker and Lilliana stood watching each other, the next song on the CD began and Tucker’s eyebrows went up.
“How apropos,” he kidded Lilliana about the title of the song.
“Let’s elope? I don’t think so. I may be horny but I’m not dense.”
“Where’s your sense of romance?” he asked.
“Romance is dead.”
Tucker’s eyebrows knit together and he ran his hands through his hair. “How long do you plan on doing this, Lilly?”
“Doing what?” she asked, gripping the counter behind her for support.
“Pretending like you’re not attracted to me.”
Lilliana sighed and shook her head. “I’ve already admitted that I find you attractive, but that doesn’t mean I have to act foolishly and do something I’ll regret.”
Tucker laughed. “I promise that your experience with me will be enjoyable, not regretful.” 

Who is Ella Dominguez?

I'm a full-time mom, wifey, healthcare worker, and wanna be switch. I was born and raised in a sexually repressed, strict Christian household in the bible belt of the USA. This upbringing and repression contributed to my wicked imagination and writing has been my only outlet for my sexual fantasies. Finally at the ripe and sexually primed age of 40, I mustered up enough courage to share my naughty thoughts and put pen to paper. I sincerely hope to find my niche in writing erotica in all forms, be it romance or paranormal. 

I don't consider myself an author. I consider myself an avid reader above all else, and someone who simply writes the stories that the voices in my head tell me to.

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  6. Thanks everyone for the kind comments. A big thank you to Food and Books Blog for hosting me and promoting my upcoming book. Much appreciation and love... xxElla