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The Awesomeness of Red Phoenix's "Brie Learns the Art of Submission"

What is there to say about this book? What words can describe this book?  Holy greatness, Rock star, awesomeness....I think there are no words out there to describe how much I love this book.  I think if you like the erotica genre that this book HAS to be on your list of  HAVE to read and HAVE to own.

To buy the book (if you don't already own it) is the Amazon must buy the book :)  Brie Learns the Art of Submission.  Plus it is on sale this week for $ excuse not to buy it.  (Sale is one of my favorite four letter words.)

As a reader, you follow Brianna Bennett (aka Brie) as she is learns about the world of submission.  But her life changes the day that Sir walks into the tobacco shop where she is works.  She enrolls in a six week submission course where she will learn more about herself then any other time in her life.  There are several different Doms that try and make a play for her submission and her heart (I know I had my favorite!!!) but in the end who will she pick?

Here is a scene with my favorite Dom...from the chapter "Brie  Embraces Bondage"  If I can only find a Dom like this in real life.  Seriously....hotness! 

 “This is a long process, toriko. It is essential that you and I are in sync.” He motioned for her to kneel. He knelt behind and wrapped his arms around her, pressing Brie against his chest. “Find my breath and copy it. Breathe with me, toriko.”
She was startled by his request, but calmed herself enough to listen to his breathing. She began matching her own with his. Tono’s breaths were consistent and measured. She had to slow way down to harmonize. Soon she felt her entire body relax as she became one with him. “Good…” he murmured softly. “If you feel anxious at any point, I want you to match your breath with mine.”
Brie nodded. He picked up a long jute rope and showed it to her. “Today, this simple material will transport you to nirvana.” She touched it and was surprised that it felt both soft and rough. “Smell it, toriko.” She took in its earthy smell and smiled.
“We are all in harmony. You, me…the rope.” He released her from his embrace and asked her to lift her hands in the air. He opened the kimono slightly, exposing her cleavage. Then, with an artist’s precision, he began to slowly wrap her chest in a bra-like fashion. The rope crisscrossed above and below her breasts, making them stand out alluringly. Brie noticed that the rope’s tight hold restricted her breathing, and it frightened her.
“Breathe with me, toriko,” he reminded her. She calmed her quick, shallow breaths to match his breathing again. Instantly, she felt calmer. 

Did someone say book trailer?  Why yes, I did. A wonderful fan made this and it is kickass...I had to share it with you all.  

The one thing that I love about this book, well beside the smoking hot sex that I fell in love with the characters and was sad to see the book end.  (Good thing there is an After Graduation series)  I felt Bries ups and Bries down in this book. In the end you are rooting for your favorite Dom and feel the joy of Brie when she finally gets her Dom.  As a reader who more can I ask for...well maybe for more books...

At the end of each week, Brie goes up for auction to different Doms.  They either play out one of Brie's fantasys or they play out a scene.  In the last fantasy that Brie gets to play out her Kahn fantasy with Sir.  Well as a special bonus, Red Phoenix rewrote the scene from Kahn's is the first part....hope you all enjoy....... 
Khan: Lasting Impressions (From Sir’s POV)

Thane opened her journal. He knew Brie was a creative soul and was curious what she had written as her sexual fantasy. Her words instantly drew him in:
I am frightened. I know I have been sent to the King as a peace offering. This is my father’s desperate attempt to stave off the creditors. If the King accepts me, my family will continue to live at the manor. If not, we will be left homeless with no title and no means of support.
I pinch my cheeks one more time, hoping he will find the blush on my cream complexion appealing. I am escorted before the King, who is busy devouring a lavish meal. My stomach growls and a real blush creeps over my face.
My stately King looks up from his plate. “Is this the one?”
“She is, Sire.”
“Looks a little too young and untried. Not what I want tonight. Take her away.”
I blurt out, “I may be untried, my Lord, but I am willing.”
He gives me a second glance. “Willing? What does that really mean coming from a little girl? You know not what you propose.” He motions me away, but I am determined.
“I am yours, my Lord, to use as you please.” I bow before him in complete supplication.
“I will not be gentle or kind,” he warns.
“Let me please you, my King.”
He snorts in amusement. “So be it.” He points to the old servant holding the flask of wine beside him. “Pleasure him with your mouth while I watch.”
My heart beats fiercely as I approach the servant. I have never given oral pleasures before and have no idea how to go about it. My King takes the wine flask from the stunned man and laughs as he sets it down on the table. “Been a long time, has it, Thomas?”
“Yes, Sire.”
“Good. Then this shouldn’t take long.” My King looks at me and says drolly, “Go on, girl. Please your King.”
I fumble at untying the man’s trousers and I hear my King chuckle unkindly. I pull down his pants, along with his undergarments, and am shocked at the largeness of his staff. I’ve never seen one before and find it intimidating.
“Go on, child,” my King commands, pushing me down on my knees before the old servant.
I open my mouth hesitantly and stick out my tongue, licking the end of his member. It twitches and I back away. I can hear the dissatisfied grunt of my King and quickly recover from my shock. I lick it again and a bitter taste fills my mouth. I do not retreat. Instead, I lick it more eagerly.
“Take him in your mouth.”
With my heart pounding, I open my lips and the old man’s shaft fills my mouth. My cry is muffled when he pushes himself in deeper.
“That’s it. Suck his staff with that virginal mouth until he comes.”
The old man grabs my head and starts thrusting his member harder and harder. I know my King is watching so I moan, holding the thick member with one hand. Suddenly, the rigid member begins pulsing in my mouth. The old man groans loudly as copious amounts of bitter fluid burst forth from his manhood.
“Swallow it all,” my King commands.
I swallow without question, distressed when some of the liquid escapes my lips. The servant pulls his shaft from my mouth with a satisfied sigh. I wipe the extra from my mouth, but my King growls, “I said swallow it all.”
I lick my hands, making sure to clean off all of the bitter liquid.
My King sits back in his chair and smiles wickedly at me. “That was entertaining, but I am not convinced you are worthy.”
While Thomas pulls up his trousers, I bow to my King. “How may I prove myself, Lord?”
“I assume you are a virgin.”
“Yes, my King.” I am completely prepared to sacrifice my virginity to my sovereign.
But he surprises me when he says, “You shall give your maidenhood to my priest. That would entertain me on so many levels.”
I gasp at his audaciousness, but dutifully answer, “It would be my pleasure, my Lord.”
He snaps his fingers. “Get young Father Christopher. Tell him…tell him I have a special assignment only my priest can perform.”
I watch with frightened curiosity as the soldiers leave to retrieve the priest…


Sir shifted in his chair. Yes, her writing had quite an effect on him.
He picked apart her fantasy piece by piece. He did not desire to see her orally please an older man, so he picked up the phone and called Maccio, a graduate of the Dominant training. “I heard you have a fight tomorrow night. What do you give your chances of winning?”
The man laughed on the other end. “99.9 percent. The boy has no chance against me.”
“Good, because I have a sub I will be bringing to the fight. Her mouth will be part of the prize.”
He snorted. “That boy will be in the ground before the end of the first round.”
“I am counting on it. Otherwise you will miss out, and I will have to improvise.”
“No need, Headmaster Davis. I will be enjoying your sub in training tomorrow night.”
Thane knew he needed a priest as well. It had to be someone who could look the part, but not take over the scene. He called the manager at The Haven for the number of Adams, a young sub who would fit the bill.
With those two major players secured, he had only the finer details to iron out. He left the fur and clothing to his assistant, Rachael, but went to the jewelry store to pick out the strand of pearls personally. It would play an important part in the scene and would be given to her at the end. He knew it was unorthodox, but he wanted Brie to have something of lasting worth when the night was over.
The final order of business was to secure box seats at his favorite opera theater. Thane groaned when he learned what was playing. Of all the operas in the world, it had to be Madame Butterfly. The theme of unrequited love and suicide was a trigger for him. He determined to leave before the final act and avoid the tragic scene.
With everything in place, Thane sat back and contemplated the minute details of tomorrow’s event. He normally let a scene progress organically, allowing for changes as he went. However, with Brie, it was imperative he stick with his plan. Any deviation would only result in compromising his resolve. Brie was simply a student—nothing more.

.....continued tomorrow on Crystal's Many Reviews

As an extra bonus...Red has gave us some kickass prizes to give away plus she got some of her friends to donate some books also. There are some awesome prize bundles and I will be super jealous of all who wins! ;)  Also it will clue you all in on some more awesome writers (if you haven't discovered them on your own)  that will steam up your life.  

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